Teach in the U.S.

The Chinese Education Connection (CEC) can place teachers from China into U.S. schools. Americans are eager to learn Mandarin and junior highs and high schools have increased Chinese language instruction exponentially in the last ten years. The problem? There are very few Americans who can teach Chinese. Even those who can speak the language are rarely teachers. Schools often have to postpone plans for Chinese instruction due to the teacher shortage.

The Chinese Education Connection can obtain J-1 visiting teacher visas for teachers of Chinese as a Second Language. This visa is good for up to three years. Teachers selected are provided with housing, transportation, and medical insurance while they are employed at a U.S. school. Teachers are also paid a salary, which is more than enough to enable travel within the U.S., along with other amenities.

The Chinese Education Connection values its reputation as a company with integrity. Teachers we place are trained in American educational practices and are carefully monitored to make sure they are adjusting to the change in culture and that they are conscientious in providing quality instruction to their students.

Most teachers will be the first to introduce Chinese instruction to their schools. They will likely begin with introductory language and culture programs at the upper elementary and middle school levels and as time progresses, will introduce Chinese classes for high school credit.

Qualifications (set by the U.S. government):
• Meet the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in China;
• Have a minimum of three years of teaching or related professional experience;
• Satisfy the standards of the U.S. state in which they will teach;
• Be of good reputation and character;
• Be seeking to enter the United States for the purpose of full-time teaching at a primary or secondary accredited educational institution in the United States; and
• Possess sufficient proficiency in English language to participate in his or her program.

Interested? The available group of teachers is tentatively scheduled for August of 2017. Contact Phil Boley, Vice President, for


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