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Welcome to Chinese Education Connection LLC

Welcome to Chinese Education Connection LLC

Welcome to Chinese Education Connection LLCWelcome to Chinese Education Connection LLCWelcome to Chinese Education Connection LLC


Cultural Training for Individuals Planning Travel to the U.S.

Visiting a foreign country is exciting. However, it may turn out to be a frustrating experience unless the visitor prepares adequately. The differences between the American culture and the culture of your home country may pose difficult obstacles for you to overcome. CEC Cultural Training is intended to minimize culture shock while preparing individuals to flourish in the U.S.A. During the program, clients are exposed to the essence of American culture, including common American values, the significance of the various holidays, and the bewildering diversity of people. Instruction includes handling communication challenges such as American idioms, nonverbal cues, and social customs. Students will have the opportunity to communicate with Americans in a variety of situations, including shopping, talking with medical and legal professionals, and simply interacting at parties and other social settings. We customize the content of our instruction to help our clients survive the American society based on their particular needs. This service is included in the fee for all Chinese travelers in our programs.

Visa Service

CEC is able to obtain Chinese visas for Americans at a less expensive rate than other visa services. Our staff assists travelers in completing the applications needed so that the visa requests go through with a minimum of difficulty. LEARN MORE

Travel Services

CEC Travel Services are designed to assure a smooth travel experience in the U.S.A. Details such as lodging and transportation are important, but can be distracting. CEC's Travel Services will assuage your worries, so you can focus on your key business. No matter what the goal of your trip, all you need to do is to sign a simple contract with CEC, and our Travel Services staff will take care of the details.

International Student College Counseling

The Chinese Education Connection’s International Student College Counseling program is a complete package which helps international students fulfill their dreams of studying in the U.S.A. After carefully analyzing the individual cases of the prospective students, CEC's experienced and professional counselors will assist the student in choosing the right college, completing the detailed college application, and selecting the degree programs which best suit the interests and skills of each applicant.

Our counselors will work with each individual to emphasize strengths and minimize weakness in application materials. CEC will also carefully check applications and assist students in obtaining the required documents, completing all paperwork, and the actual application submittal.

TOEFL & SAT Test Preparation Training

CEC's TOEFL & SAT Test Preparation Training program works closely with the international College Counselor program as part of the college application preparation. CEC's test preparation training is aimed to assist students in achieving the TOEFL and SAT scores required for their applications.

After interviewing students, CEC's professional trainers will customize training plans based on the students' educational background, language proficiency, and academic goals. To ensure an engaging and productive training process, our professional trainers will employ various training skills based on a detailed analysis of the students' background, personalities and learning habits. Moreover, CEC's professionals understand that TOEFL and SAT is just the beginning of the students' academic life in the U.S.A., and our training process will also prepare the students with the important learning skills that are crucial to their academic success in the long run.