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Chinese students who are considering study in the U.S. may want to give it a try before making their decision. CEC offers students the opportunity to attend a U.S. high school for two to three weeks. Stay with a host family, improve their English, and learn American culture firsthand. It’s not like in the movies, but it is an amazing experience nonetheless.

Attend classes and make American friends. Appreciate the differences between your culture and that of the Americans. Marvel at the freedom students enjoy in their school. American students question their teachers, give their opinions in class, and may even argue with their classmates about politics, religion, or less important topics like the relative quality of rival sports teams.

Students may choose to come to the U.S. in August, October, or during the spring festival. American schools are in session while you are on breaks, so you won’t miss anything at your school, but will be an expert on America when you return. To participate in the American school experience you must be recommended by your teachers as someone mature enough to handle the challenges of living abroad for up to three weeks.