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Welcome to Chinese Education Connection LLC

Welcome to Chinese Education Connection LLC

Welcome to Chinese Education Connection LLCWelcome to Chinese Education Connection LLCWelcome to Chinese Education Connection LLC

Hosting Chinese Students

Imagine having two dozen Chinese kids going to school with your students for 4-5 days. CEC, with its many contacts with Chinese schools, can make it happen. Students in grades 4-8 come to your town, stay with host families, and learn about American culture—food, family, school, and friends. These students are carefully screened and are polite and well-behaved. Most are only children, so they will enjoy having siblings for the first time, even if only for a few days.

Your students will enjoy having new friends from the other side of the world. They will learn that Chinese kids aren’t so different from themselves. They may look a little different and speak a different language, but they care about the same things—music, movies, video games, their cell phones,and sports. The visiting Chinese students will bring a new perspective on the world to the kids in your school. They will become interested in geography by learning where their guests are from. They may decide to learn a new language or resolve to travel overseas. The positive effects of having a group of student visitors from China cannot be overestimated.

CEC will help your school plan the hosting experience. Our staff will be on hand to help solve any problems that may come up, and will make suggestions to help the visitors have a first class experience on their first trip to the United States. Groups range in size from 20 to 30 students and can all attend the same school or be split into different schools in your district. Recently, a district hosted 12 students at their junior high school, and another 15 at a nearby elementary school. Students of both cultures had a wonderful time and learned a lot as well.