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Hoosier Classroom for Chinese Students

The Hoosier Classroom is a 60-90 day program during which Chinese students attend a public or private school in Indiana. Chinese students, aged 11−14 may participate in the program. Students are screened and recommended by their school principals and travel to the U.S. on a tourist visa. The children are housed in a home owned by CEC and are accompanied by a Chinese teacher and a Chinese housemother. The teacher assists students in completing homework and in adjusting to the American system of education. He or she serves as the liaison to the school the children attend. The housemother cooks nutritious meals, helps the students keep their temporary home neat and orderly, and serves as a liaison between the students and their natural parents.
Students who participate in the Hoosier Classroom are also provided with a “weekend host family”—usually the family of a classmate. Host siblings are invited to spend time at the student residence on weekends, and the Chinese students spend two or three weekends with their host families.