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High School Study for Chinese Students

Chinese students who are considering attendance at a U.S. college or university will want to participate in CEC’s student exchange program. CEC can place students in either public or private schools in locations throughout the state of Indiana. Students will spend the entire American academic year (August through June) enrolled in an American high school to prepare them for admission to a U.S. college.

Students may choose to participate in activities such as band, choir, art, or even cheerleading while they take rigorous subjects including Advanced Placement classes such as physics, chemistry, English, or U.S. History. Participate in American style education through group projects, class discussions, and presentations. Not only will you learn the culture of the American teenager, but you be preparing for the independence provided by U.S. university.

Students selected for a CEC exchange experience will be placed in a loving host family, carefully chosen for their quality of housing, their socioeconomic level, and their interest in China. Enjoy American culture and gain another family and support system at the same time. CEC checks on students and their host families frequently to make sure that things are going smoothly, and that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

CEC staff, along with the high school guidance counselors, will advise students as they apply to U.S. colleges. CEC enjoys a 100% college admission rate including some of the best schools in America. Students who want to work hard will have no trouble gaining admission to good universities.